Le Barboteur in Lille
The menu

At the restaurant Le Barboteur in Lille, we change the menu every two weeks!
Discover our home-made cooking, based on great, local and seasonal products.

of the moment

On the Sunday brunch menu

We change our menu frequently

At Le Barboteur, we want you to discover new flavours and also give free rein to our culinary inspiration of the moment. That’s why we offer you a menu that changes regularly, according to the seasons and our desires. Our goal: to please you with good products!

Every two weeks, our chef Vincent creates a new menu, but always with three starters, three main courses and three desserts. We are committed to catering for all diets: in our restaurant, you’ll always have the choice between meat, fish or a vegetarian option. French tradition, Oriental and Asian inspirations are the foundations of our culinary identity.

The brunch menu is inspired by the current menu and also changes every fortnight.

The finger food for after work and pre dinner drinks changes two or three times a year.

Home-made and local products

We are really attached to our region and the quality of the products we cook, and we are also keen to apply an eco-friendly approach in our work. We’ll always do our best to tickle your taste buds and to protect the planet.

Our products come from local farms and craftsman workshops located in the Hauts-de-France. We favour organic fruit and vegetables or those grown according to the principles of sustainable agriculture, which limits the use of fertilizers and pesticides. In the kitchen, we do our best to cook the product in its entirety to avoid food waste.

Of course, all our preparations are home-made, and above all with a lot of love!

The Barboteur’s menu before everyone else

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